Medbrook Children’s Charity Endowment Fund

Medbrook Children’s Charity

Originally established in 2000, Medbrook Children’s Charity has worked more than 15 years to provide assistance to underprivileged children in Harrison County, West Virginia. The Charity has made available food, clothing, health care and other necessities these children might not otherwise have had access to at home. Recognizing the need for this type of assistance will continue in the foreseeable future, the Board of Medbrook Children’s Charity established the Medbrook Children’s Charity Endowment Fund. The fund ensures funds raised in the annual fundraising activities are protected, and that supplemental funding is provided to ensure continued support.

Efficient use of funds

As it is our responsibility as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, the earnings on the endowment will be used to support services to help children in accordance with the mission of Medbrook Children’s Charity. In keeping with past practices, administrative and other expenses will be kept at a minimum. Medbrook Children’s Charity exists as a volunteer organization with no paid employees, a volunteer Board, and specifically does not utilize paid fundraisers. We strive to generate the maximum benefit from all contributions.


We want to make sure our sponsors and contributors get the recognition they deserve for their support and partnership of the Medbrook Children’s Charity. Contributors are recognized at our annual fundraising golf outing, through our website and other marketing outlets. We work with our partners to ensure they receive appropriate recognition, and to maintain the confidentiality of gifts for those who prefer to remain anonymous.


Contact Information

For additional information, please call (304) 842-7270 or email:



“Your Charity’s impact in its first decade for underprivileged children in our community is commendable to say the least. Unfortunately, the need for these same services continues in these trying economic times. Few charities carry as much clout in the local community as does the Medbrook Children’s Charity. It is the standard for doing things right for those in need of assistance.”

  • Thrasher Engineering


“The funds provided through Medbrook Children’s Charity will touch the lives of many of our students whose families do not have the resources to purchase winter clothes or obtain adequate medical care. Ultimately, in addressing these needs, you have made us better able to ensure that these students will achieve better academically.”

  • Harrison County Schools


“Many Children arriving at our doors have come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect and have suffered from lack of even the most basic necessities. With the help of Medbrook Children’s Charity, we will be able to make their environment here at Genesis more nurturing and conducive to the healing process.”                                                            

  • Genesis Youth Center